So we’ve finally got our website up and running after many many months of my very patient brother-in-laws hard work with the odd snippet from my sister and me and some much needed help from a web-site knowledgeable friend (you know who you are😀)

The next question is, what to blog about? A good starting point might be a little potted history of my bag business to date and we can move forward from there!

I am not a seamstress or bag maker to trade by any means – in fact, I am a chemist of sorts and spent most of my working life in laboratories of the water-board and drug-research kind. However, like many people nowadays, I do like a good dabble in crafting and have tried my hand at knitting (hopeless!), card making (spent a fortune!) and most recently hair bow making before swiftly moving onto sewing!

I learned to sew and use a sewing machine from my mum years ago so it wasn’t an entirely new area for me but I would profess myself to be self taught for the most part as I could never seem to find suitable courses to attend! My first bag came about as a result of a request from my sister for a toy bag tote for my 1yr old niece which quickly snowballed into several similar bags for friends at which point, the idea for a business and website were cooked up and The Scottish Bag Co was born.

So there you have it – The Scottish Bag Co in a nutshell! I’ve got lots of ideas for my blog but of course, I’d like to blog about what you, my readers, are interested in hearing so please go ahead and let me know what you think – of the new site, of my bags and of what you would like to read next!

Until next time,